CL500-240-C LED Driver

CL Standard LED Driver

  • Typical no. of LEDs (1-3W) -3 up to 14 in series*
  • Combined forward voltage of up to 48V
  • Power factor corrected (0.98)
  • Constant current output
  • Self resetting thermal trip
  • Double insulated (Class II)
  • Screwless cable clamps for fast assembly
  • Up to 88% efficient
  • Surge protection up to 4kV
  • SELV isolation
  • Made in the UK
  • Integral and remote versions

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Mains input voltage range198 - 265Vac RMS
Mains frequency47 to 63Hz
Power factor at full load>0.95 (0.98 typical)
Mains surge protection
Efficiency at full load88% typical
Ambient temperature range-25°C to 50°C
Maximum Tc temperature80°C
Humidity95% max non-condensing
Maximum output power24W
Full output current500mA
Dimming range (output)Off, 10%-100%
Input power when output is off<0.3W
LED string voltage9V to 48V
Typical no. of LEDs (1-3W)3 to 14
Current ripple10V output = 22%
48V output = 7.5%