E-LIGHTZ Mini LED Downlight

The E-LIGHTZ Mini LED downlight is a wide-angled general-purpose downlight designed to replace the 75W and 60W incandescent light bulbs.  Sharing the same trim profile as the D-LIGHTZ series and with an Opaque diffuser, this downlight is ideal for general home illumination in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms.  The E-LIGHTZ Minis also offer options of Low Power and Sunset Dimming.

Switch Lighting Pure Colour downlights render rich natural colours that enhance skin, surfaces and textiles to provide excellent visual clarity in every environment.  Available in the Professional Series with 90 CRI, Art Series with 97 CRI, or with Sunset Dimming for excellent mood lighting.

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  • Insulation Safe – insulation safely wraps over E-LIGHTZ Mini and driver – tested and approved
  • No Heat Loss – stops chimney effect heat loss from room
  • SCB & HCB = 0 – can be used in any room in any position
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