L05011i LED Driver

1-20VA Unidim

  • High power factor
  • Dimmable LED driver
  • 3 output voltages
  • 3 different current settings
  • Easy adjustable through dipswitch settings
  • SELV-equivalent
  • Fourfold protection: thermal, short circuit, over voltage and open circuit

For the DIM-input can be used: a standard 1-10V controller (range 0-100%), a 100K potentiometer (range 0-100%) or a pulse switch (range 3-100%)
A short pulse switches the LEDs on or off

TypeConstant current
& constant voltage
Max power output20W
Dimmable1-10V / potentiometer (100K)
pulse switch
Size110 x 52 x 23.5 mm
Power factor (λ)0.9C
Input voltage110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Current outputOutput 1: 350mA (max. 32 Volt)
Output 2: 700mA (max. 32 Volt)
Output 3: 1050mA (max. 20V)
Constant current output voltage3-32 Vdc at 350/700mA
3-20VDC at 1050mA
Constant voltage power output230VAC: 10V/10W, 12V/12W, 24V/20W
Ambient temperature (ta)-20 to +50°C
Max. temperature (tc)85°C
ApprovalsKEMA KEUR, ENEC 05, CE
Warranty5 years
Driver (Unidim) L05011i Spec Sheet