Spot-LIGHTZ – Constant Current

This 4W LED spotlight is ideal for interior or exterior lighting

The adjustable head makes it easy to setup desired lighting

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  • Indoor or outdoor use – ideal for lighting larger plants, shrubs, trees, statues or other garden features
  • Wide or narrow beam – choose a 10 ̊ or 30 ̊  beam angle
  • Spike mounted (SL214) – a flexible head allows the spotlight to be positioned exactly where you need it and an extra thick anodise coating ensures longevity in your garden and or coastal environment
  • Surface mounted (SL204) – the 360 ̊  degree swivel base allows the spot light to be directed exactly where you need it
  • Typical driver to use with this product is the L05020 model – this is non-dimming and will power 1-2 spotlights (for greater numbers please contact Switch for advice)
TypeSpot Light - Constant Current
Beam angle10° (narrow beam) 30° (wide beam)
Colour temp2700K
Trim coloursNatural Anodise or Black Anodise
Delivered lumens280 Lumen
IP ratingIP67
Dimensionsø 44mm x 84mm
DimmingYes (optional with L05021)
Power supplyConstant current 350mA are ordered separately:
1 light non-dimming Mini 350mA power supply
1-2 lights non-dimming = L05020
1-2 lights dimming = L05021
Luminaire Power4.1W
Constant current350mA
Forward voltage12V (do not connect direct to 12 VDC supply - use Constant Current power supply)