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Architecturally Designed LED Lighting Solutions

Switch Lighting produces a variety of efficient, energy saving LED Lighting products. Browse through our products to see what fits your needs.

FREE lighting design

Contact Switch Lighting today and let us provide you with the latest lighting concepts at zero cost and no obligation.

Insulation Safe

Switch Lighting LED lights do not compromise your Insulation values. No heat loss due to fully sealed products.

Save Costs

Light your home using Switch Lighting LED using less than 500W of energy. Saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint and benefits all New Zealand.

New Zealand made

Switch Lighting is proud to be a NZ manufacturer of LED products, designing and manufacturing high quality products for the New Zealand environment.

Environmentally friendly energy efficient lighting

Here at Switch Lighting we have been working hard to develop the “right light”.
Energy efficient, environmentally friendly, contains no mercury, turns on instantly and provides bright warm lighting.


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